With the frequent foreign corporate actions that are taking place such as share consolidation, restructuring / re-emerging from bankruptcy and etc which may result in foreign shareholding quantity adjustment at the respective exchanges and the need to rely on our custodian / broker to update us timely on such matters, it may not be possible for RHB Investment Bank (RHBIB) to alert you ahead of time on such corporate actions due to the time zone differences. The shareholdings may not be updated in time on the trading platform and therefore your actual holding or position of the foreign shareholding quantity may not be accurately reflected in your account portfolio.

You are hereby reminded to avoid an oversold position as you are only entitled to sell up to the maximum number of shares which you are entitled to after the share consolidation, i.e. the reduced holdings, on or after the Ex-date.

Do trade with caution and be mindful of sudden or drastic changes to share prices overnight which may be due to corporate actions that may affect your foreign shareholdings. You may refer to the announcements on corporate actions that are published on the respective Exchanges' and respective company's websites. Kindly be informed that you are solely responsible for the order submitted under your respective trading account. Should you choose to sell the new quantity which resulted from corporate action(s) such as share consolidation, share split or reclassification, do note that it is your responsibility to compute your entitlement correctly.

Shareholdings displayed in your portfolio is an indication of your holdings from trade(s) executed on RHB Share Trading only. It will not be updated when shares are transferred in or out of your account due to any of the corporate action(s). Shareholdings will only be updated once our custodian / broker confirms the new quantity. RHBIB shall not be held responsible nor liable for any losses or damages resulting from usage of and/or reliance on information on RHB Share Trading.

Please consult your respective Dealer's Representative if you require confirmation on your shareholding.